NY State Care Package Program
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What You Need to Know Before You Purchase!

Thank you for shopping with State Shops NY|!  

Before you complete your order please read the following quick facts. 

NY State DOCCS Inmate Food Package:

Food Care Packages can not exceed a maximum of (35 lbs) or (15875.73 grams) within any given month. Items that are not foods do not count toward the food weight rule, and may be shipped within this order. ONLY food items will be weighed. You may reference our POLICY/RESTRICTIONS section for further details. 

DO NOT make this purchase if your family is housed in the following Reception Facilities for less than 31 days (Downstate, Ulster, Elmira, and Bedford Hills). This means your family has not been classified and is "IN TRANSIT" status. THE PACKAGE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED BY THE CORRECTIONAL FACILITY.  YOUR ORDER WILL BE RETURNED TO STATE SHOPS NY AND HELD UNTIL THE INMATE'S STATUS CHANGES & ARE PLACED IN THEIR HOME FACILITY. Additional fees will apply to reship this package.

Maximum Security Facilities:

The following Facilities are "TV FACILITIES" (Attica, Elmira, Five Points, Shawangunk, South Port, Wende, Clinton Main/Annex, Great Meadows, Upstate Cadre') which means the inmate can have a television, clear radios however; this also requires that the Inmate make purchases using their inmate funds account. You may request that we forward a catalog to the inmate by clicking here. He/She may place the order directly using a facility check for payment.